Halcyon Eco

Oil Filtration Hub

Saves Oil Costs Labour and improves Safety

How Halcyon Eco Works

Halcyon Eco Oil Filtration machine was built and designed with the help of restaurant owners who purchase large quantities of cooking oil.

Using a quick-change pad pan filter system & filtration technology Halcyon Eco has revolutionised the hospitality and catering industry.


Oil Consumption, Waste, Accidents, Environmental Impact.


Cooking Oil Life by 50% To 60% and Staff Production Time


Lifecycle of Cooking Oil, Kitchen Efficiency, Oil Quality and Consistency

Halcyon Eco Products

Halcyon Eco

Halcyon Eco Flo

Helps to keep cooking oil fresh for longer

Halcyon Eco

Halcyon Eco Oil Tester

Determines the quality of frying oil

Halcyon Eco

Halcyon Eco Wiz

Wireless software that provides regular product updates


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Halcyon Eco

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Cut oil costs by up to 60%
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Cut oil costs by up to
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