Halcyon Eco

Halcyon Eco Oil Filtration Machine

Halcyon Eco cooking oil filtration system cuts oil costs, improves soil quality and lowers labour costs. Use Halcyon eco-in conjunction with the components below

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Halcyon Eco Flo

Halcyon Eco Flow is a Synthetic Magnesium Silicate. This is a food grade, white powder that acts like a magnet, attracting the byproducts left in the oil such as fats, off odours, and off tastes. By Attracting these by products it makes it easier to filter them from the oil.

How to use Eco Flo ?

  1. Scoop Eco Flo directly into the fryer while the oil is hot.
  2. Open the release valve and drain frying oil into your oil filtration machine.
  3. Using your filtration machine rinse out any sediment at the bottom of your fryer.
  4. Close the release valve and pump clean fresh oil back into fryer.

Halcyon Eco Hot Oil Tester

Halcyon Eco Hot Oil Tester is a measuring instrument that allows you to determine the quality of different types of frying oils.


Halcyon Eco Wiz

Halcyon Eco Wiz is a wireless piece of software that allows our customers to perform specific tasks electronically, For Example:

Halcyon Eco Micron Pad Filter

Pure Plant Fiber Biodegradable Filters 

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